Roofing Tools

The most important part of any structured building is the roof. Without the roof the building is incomplete. Roofing is an important process of construction and with it comes due diligence and expertise so as to achieve the desired output. Roofing may be done on a new house or also in repairing a worn out roof on a building. One may easily do the roofing of his house but if he is not up to the task of doing it on his own, then he has the choice of hiring qualified good roofers to do the job for him. Loft conversion in Wandsworth If one decides to do the roofing on his own, then he needs to have the basic roofing tools and other materials that will be needed in the construction.

The tools that are needed for roofing are:

1. The roofing hammer. This is also known as the hatchet. It has an adjustable gauge that allows fast alignment of the shingles.

2. Roofing shovel. In cases of roof repair, this tool assists in tearing off the old material of the roof. It is also called the shingle ripper and it does pry up the shingles while tearing out the nails that holds them firmly in place.

3. Power drill. The power drill helps in fastening the roof sheathing to a structure’s rafters. It works the same way as the screw gun, in that they rotate bits which drive the screws right through the sheet goods into the framing members. The difference between the two tools is that, the power drill needs to be loaded manually while the screw guns reloads automatically.

4. Utility knife. This is quite an invaluable tool in roofing as it has various roles to play. It helps in scoring composition shingles and in loosening the weathered sealant and tar.

5. Pry bars. Used in pulling out nails and they come in different types. For example, the flat pry bar is good for removing the nails but it is also used for demolishing different parts of the old roof.

6. Framing square. This is a right angle tool with the role of measuring. It aids in confirming that the roof is straight and even. It is also used during cutting.

7. Chalk line. Refers to a container filled with chalk. It enables one to mark straight lines for cutting or alignment purposes.

8. The caulking gun. This tool is used for repairs on the roof which require cement adhesive.

9. The tin snips. They are tools that look like heavy- duty scissors and are used to cut metal material on the roof.

10. Power-nailer. It comes in two types, the pneumatic nailer and the cordless power nailer. They provide good leverage during fastening nails into the roof.

11. Saws. Used in cutting roofing material. The best saw for making the best basic cuts during roofing is the circular saw. The reciprocating saw is used for cutting in tight spaces.

12. The clean-up tools. The process of roofing results in a substantial amount of trash and one will need to clean up the place using tools such as the push broom or the lawn rake. A metal detector may also be used to get rid of small metals such as screws.

Whether building or making repairs, one needs to be equipped with the right roofing tools to complete the project successfully.

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